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Protect others, protect yourself

2014-09-24 06:31:32

With proper attention to health and safety, you’ll reduce the risk of harm to employees, visitors, residents and anybody who uses the site. That in turn protects you from liability. Even if someone is injured, taking steps to reduce risk will strengthen your defence in court.

 A man in a suit wearing a helmet

Health and safety for construction

Before your specifications of work are distributed to prospective contractors, we’ll put together a health and safety plan according to CDM regulations. This will involve a full risk assessment, making use of our own site surveys and design notes. This information will help your contractors to give you a more accurate quote, as well as helping them to prepare their own health and safety plans for their workmen.

 An umbrella

Health and safety within the property

Are you concerned about how safe your property currently is? We’ll carry out risk assessments and health and safety audits to help you identify areas where you could improve your property. For some health risks, such as noise pollution, we may be able to devise solutions to the problems we find, with the help of our structural and architectural designers.

 A clipboard with a tick

Paperwork completed

Have you been asked to produce certain health and safety documents, to prove your compliance with regulations? Our CDM co-ordinator can prepare and deliver a range of documents including F10 forms, keeping your health and safety files in good order. Good paperwork can make a huge difference in a legal case, so don’t run the risk – let us take care of it for you, and make sure it’s valid and easily accessed.

 A house with trees in the front garden

For health and safety assessments from the experts, email us today at info@smithbaxter.co.uk


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