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Quantity surveying from start to finish

2014-09-24 06:31:17

Make sure that the building works you plan are within your budget, and stay within your budget. Our quantity surveyors will provide an accurate cost estimate for the project, as well as carefully monitoring costs as the project proceeds.

 Pound notes

Itemising project costs

When our structural and architectural designers produce your plan for improvements, you need to know what it’ll take to make that plan a reality. With accurate schedules of work and detailed specifications of work, we’ll help you get reliable quotes from bidding contractors. This not only helps get the best deal for you; it also gives you a completely transparent picture of how the costs break down.

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Budgeting for the project

Worrying about where you’ll find the money for your project? We’ll help you draw up budgets and cash flow forecasts, based on your business’ past performance and your future expansion plans. We’ll compare this with the priced schedules of work or the results of our life cycle costing analysis to help you work out how much you can afford and where other funds might be redirected.

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Monitoring costs

When you’ve carefully budgeted for a quoted price, the last thing you want is unexpected cost. With elemental cost analysis and planning, we’ll monitor the project to make sure that the price stays as close to the initial estimate as possible. Once it’s all done and dusted, our detailed tender report will provide a full audit trail, so that you have an accurate record of where money was spent and why.

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For help taking care of money matters, email us today at info@smithbaxter.co.uk


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