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Strengthening your property

2014-09-24 06:44:26

Every property needs a strong structure, and we’ll help make sure your repairs, extensions and new builds have their structural requirements met. With our expert eyes and in-depth knowledge, we’ll be able to come up with cost-effective solutions to any structural problem.

 A clipboard with a tick

Repairing structural failings

If your property has a structural issue, our structural surveys will get to the root of the problem, detailing how deep it goes. We’ll then use this information to devise a fitting structural repair. As well as creating the new building design, we’ll provide you with the information you need to get accurate quotes from contractors. We can also monitor the repair process as your project managers.

 A pencil

Structural drawings

Whether you’re repairing or building, we’ll provide you with detailed structural drawings to illustrate the proposed plans. These drawings will make it easier to compile accurate bills of quantities and provide the building skeletons for your architects to flesh out and personalise to your brand. Supporting everything else, it’s essential that the structure is done correctly. Our structural designs won’t let you down.

 A calculator

Structural calculations

Our structural solutions and drawings are the results of careful calculations of the forces involved. We’ll make sure that every element in your design accounts for the loads it will need to bear. We’ll balance cost-effectiveness with the need to be flexible and allow for a margin of error, understanding that you may need those elements to bear heavier loads in the future than you expect today.

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For comprehensive and careful structural design, email us today at info@smithbaxter.co.uk


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