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Examining your property’s structural integrity

2014-09-24 06:44:26

To get building regulation consent, safety certificates, insurance and so much more, you’ll often need to prove that your building is structurally sound. Our in-depth surveys, calculations and reports can provide this proof, or help you repair structural issues before it’s too late.

 A magnifying glass

Overall structural analysis

Need a general survey of your building’s structure? We’ll look into every nook and cranny and leave no stone unturned. The resulting report will detail any problems we found, giving you all the information you need to make repairs and improvements. Our experienced eyes rarely miss our mark, so you can rest assured that our report constitutes the complete list of structural issues.

 A crack

Specific structural defects

If you have a specific structural problem – such as a listing or cracked wall – we’ll carry out a localised analysis of this specific problem. It’s still smart to have a full structural analysis carried out, as structural problems are rarely isolated. However, the full survey can be taken care of at a later date, allowing you to have the shorter localised survey carried out as soon as possible, minimising time lost.

 A certificate

Detailed reports

Whether you’ve had a general structural survey or an analysis of a specific problem, we’ll provide you with a detailed account of our results. These reports will include a list of potential future issues, timescales for deterioration and estimation of damage. You can use these in coming up with a solution; we recommend consulting our own in-house structural designers, who’ll employ their expertise to design your repairs.

 A temple with pillars

For an in-depth structural analysis of your property, email us today at info@smithbaxter.co.uk


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