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Laying the groundwork

2014-09-24 06:44:32

Your foundations are only as strong as the earth they’re built on. We’ll conduct surveys of the surrounding soil so that you and your designers have all the information you need to build firm foundations and make appropriate repairs.

 A spade

Soil investigations

No two patches of ground are the same, and soil composition can vary dramatically over a surprisingly small area. We’ll carry out a complete site analysis, checking for all the factors that can affect a build, including the likelihood of subsidence. The results from our soil testing will identify the best places on your land to build your foundations, and show where special care must be taken during the build.

 A crack

Subsidence reports

Listing walls? Sinking floors? Sometimes this is no fault of the build itself, but the result of subsidence in the soil. We’ll investigate this for you, examining the damage done and testing the ground to determine the cause. If it is subsidence, we may also be able to determine what is causing the subsidence. With this information, you can mitigate the effects of subsidence, or potentially stop it completely.

 A man in a suit wearing a helmet

Subsidence advice

If your land is at risk of subsidence, that doesn’t always mean that the land is unusable. Even if you’ve had your site analysis carried out by another team, we’ll take a look at the data and advise you on whether your proposed work is possible, or your current property stable. If not, we’ll explain your options to you, from remedial work to full structural redesigns, all of which we can oversee.

 A three-storey building

To save your property from subsidence, email us today on info@smithbaxter.co.uk


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