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Party Wall


Planning to do work near your neighbour’s property?

Get professional advice from an experienced party wall surveyor to make sure you are not breaking the law and are complying with your legal obligations.

We will examine your plans and advise you whether you need to serve notice or not and how to go about it.


Upon receipt of your enquiry we will explain the process and provide you with a fixed fee proposal. Once appointed one of our team will serve the Notices on your behalf and progress the matter proactively with your neighbours as required to allow the works to proceed. If they consent we will record a schedule of condition of their property prior to works commencing and re-inspect upon completion to check for any potential issues or damage prior to signing off. The schedule of condition helps to validate any claims thus minimising the potential for dispute.

If the adjoining owner dissents we will prepare and agree the Party Wall Award either as an Agreed surveyor or with your neighbour’s surveyor, the adjoining owner’s surveyor. We have considerable experience dealing with all party wall works ranging from piled basements for new multi storey developments in central London through to wrap around rear extensions and loft conversions locally. We pride ourselves on providing an efficient, knowledgeable service which attracts repeat clients including a number of architects, managing agents and commercial property owners.


Your neighbour is required to serve you with a Party Wall Notice for a range of works if adjacent to your property or the Party Wall. If a Notice is not forthcoming or if you have received a Notice and are unsure how to respond please contact us to discuss your options and possible concerns.

Should you decide dissenting is the best option we would be pleased to act on your behalf or as an ‘agreed surveyor’ to economise costs for your neighbour. Our reasonable fees would be the sole responsibility of the building owner carrying out the works at no cost to yourself.


Should a dispute or damage occur after the Party Wall Award is agreed, we would act as an unbiased and fair adjudicator to see it resolved. You can rely on us to help you make the right decision, the one that works best for both parties. These matters rarely escalate to court but you can rest easy in the knowledge that should this occur we can be called as expert witnesses.